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Complete Home Automation

Complete Home Automation

“Besides black art, there is only automation and mechanization.” - Federico Garcia Lorca
Complete Home Automation is not a “black art” but, when designed and installed professionally, it can be a thing of wonder.

The origin of any successful system lies with the initial brief.

At Gibson Integration we believe that whilst it is important to advise our clients of the possibilities, it is essential for us to listen in order to understand your requirements and establish what is important to you. Only in this way can we develop a solution which delivers, using technologies that are seamlessly integrated with intuitive devices, allowing complete control at the touch of a button.

Your home environment can be instantly adjusted appropriately to suit the time of day or your mood. With options to control and automate as much or as little as you wish including comfort cooling, heating, lighting, blinds, music, films and security. Furthermore by using ‘smart-phone’ or ‘tablet’ technology all these processes can be accessed remotely.

Imagine at the end of a busy day being able to return to a home which is ready for you.

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